Our Commitment to Health & Safety

Updated Jan 10, 2022

The health and safety of our employees and guests remain our #1 priority. We will continue to be a leader in our community by following the guidelines set out by our local government to keep us all safe. We have assessed the risks at our workplace and have actively involved our staff and joint Health & Safety committee to address them. Working together we identified areas of concern, jobs and tasks that put risk to our guests and staff, shared tools and materials, and outlined high contact touch areas. To see how we have addressed these risks please see our Covid-19 Safety Plan below, formatted from WorkSafeBC. This Safety Plan also outlines the policies, guidelines, and procedures we have put in place to reduce Covid-19 Transmission. This Covid-19 Safety Plan is implemented at all three Point Group Hospitality restaurants including Coastal Cookery, Costa del Sol and Culaccino.

First Level Protection-Elimination Limiting the number of people in a workplace and ensuring social distancing:
  • By order of the Provincial Health Officer, we are following the BC government’s proof of vaccination protocols (see here for more info)
  • We are operating at reduced capacity in accordance with provincial occupancy guidelines and recommended social distancing protocols
  • We execute all staff meetings and group communication virtually when possible
  • Managers are encouraged to work from home when possible
  • Hand sanitizer is required upon entry and available throughout the restaurant
  • Guests are seated 6ft apart or separated with a physical barrier
  • All take-out is processed away from the main entrance to avoid congestion and limit entry into the building
  • Working cohorts are used when possible to limit contact between employees
  • Staffing levels have been reduced to help with distancing within workspace
  • Staff are encouraged to distance themselves from both guests and each other when completing tasks and prolonged conversations have been discouraged
  • Washroom waiting areas are distanced from guests, as well as encouraging people to wait at their table to avoid congregation
  • When host, take out or bar staff are working, other staff are discouraged from entering their workspace to minimize contact
  • We allow 6 people maximum to a table
  • Group larger than 6 will be sat separately and must remain in their own seats for the duration of their visit, they will be asked not to mingle with their group that is seated at a separate table

Second Level Protection-Engineering Barriers and Partitions:

  • We have installed physical barriers where we cannot keep our distance
  • We allow staff a distanced space to safely take orders and clear plates without leaning over guests or tables
  • Marked floors and arrows with a separating partition are used to indicate guest flow and encourage distancing
  • Masks are mandatory for both guests and staff to provide a barrier to respiratory droplets
  • All barriers and partitions are sanitized and disinfected frequently

Third Level Protection-Administrative Rules and Guidelines:

  • COVID 19 staff orientation portal has been established www.pointgrouphospitality.com
  • Code of Ethics regarding Point Group Hospitality Covid 19 protocols is updated upon releasing of new PHO and signed by staff
  • High contact areas have been identified and disinfected on a 30 minute schedule
  • Washroom disinfection completed on a 30 minute disinfection schedule
  • Sanitizer concentration ppm is monitored and recorded periodically
  • Signage for both guests and employees has been clearly posted and discussed outlining things like handwashing, COVID 19 symptoms, distancing expectations, sanitizing expectations
  • Opening and closing procedural checklists have been implemented and updated to reflect COVID 19 guidelines

Forth Level Protection-Physical Protection Using Masks & Personal Protective Equipment:

  • All staff wear masks, and/or other PPE and follow strict hygiene standards while in the restaurant
  • All guests must wear mask upon entry of our restaurant and any time they leave their table
  • All take out is processed away from the main entrance to avoid congestion and limit entry into the building
  • Our menu is provided through contactless access online via a QR code
  • Single use masks are available for guests or employees
  • Bathrooms and high contact areas are sanitized every 30 minutes
  • Contactless payment via QR code is available
  • All guest tables and chairs will be sanitized thoroughly between guests

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our businesses.

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